Vol 8, No 1 (2016)

Special Issue: Trade and Public Health

This issue is a Special issue on Trade & Public Health. It is the fourteenth in the series, and also commemorates the eight anniversary year of Trade, Law and Development.

Table of Contents

Articles, Notes and Comments

How ‘Necessary’? A Comparison of Legal and Economic Assessments – GATT Dispute Settlements Under: Article XX(B), TBT 2.2 And SPS 5.6 Abstract PDF
Kamala Dawar, Eyal Ronen 1-28
When Life Gives You Lemons: The “Battle of Science” on the Correct Interpretation of Data on Citrus Black Spot Disease Between the European Union and South Africa According to the SPS Agreement Abstract PDF
Dominique Sinopoli, Kai P. Purnhagen 29-62
Interpreting Doctrine of Legitimate Expectations in WTO Jurisprudence in its Application to Compulsory Licensing Abstract PDF
Thaddeus Manu 63-116
Towards a bottom-up SPS cooperation: An analysis of regulatory convergence in Food Safety Regimes Abstract PDF
Mengyi Wang, Ching-Fu Lin 117-136
Political, Legal and Institutional Perspectives on Pharmaceutical Patents and Access to Medicines Abstract PDF
Tommaso Soave 137-180

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