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Founded in 2009, the philosophy of Trade, Law and Development has been to generate and sustain a constructive and democratic debate on emergent issues in International Economic Law and to serve as a forum for the discussion and distribution of ideas - with a specific focus on the development perspective of International Economic Law. In keeping with these ideals, the Board of Editors is pleased to announce Recent Regionalism as the theme for its next Special Issue (Vol. IX, No. 1, Summer 2017).

Recently, the world has seen a number of trading blocs negotiating various plurilateral trade agreements. Though these negotiations have been ongoing since the first decade of this century, they have been shrouded in secrecy and there were merely speculations regarding their content on the basis of “leaks”. With the official release of the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement earlier this year, much of the hue and cry raised earlier does not seem to remain valid anymore. This agreement is a major part, but not the only component, of the classic regionalism-multilateralism debate today. This debate has evolved in recent times and incorporated some major political changes that the world has seen this year, such as Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as the President of the United States. Another important part of this debate that has come to the fore is the proposition of alternatives to the Single Undertaking of the WTO.

These events have left much to be analysed regarding the status of the multilateral trading system in contemporary times and its co-existence with the imminent enforcement of these regional trade agreements. This Special Issue, currently scheduled for publication in 2017, will provide an ideal platform to deliberate on the impact of this Recent Regionalism. Accordingly, the Board of Editors is pleased to invite original, unpublished submissions for the Special Issue on Recent Regionalism for publication as 'Articles', 'Notes', 'Comments' and/or 'Book Reviews'.

Manuscripts may be submitted via e-mail, ExpressO or the TL&D website. For further information and submission guidelines, please visit the Journal's website or contact us at editors[at]

Submissions will be considered on a rolling basis.

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